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We offer you personalised service and support, ensuring the funeral service is delivered in a way that reflects the deceased and their families wishes.

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Funeral Options

We offer a range of funeral options to suit your requirements.

  • There are legal requirements required by Births, Deaths and Marriages for the registering of a person’s death. The funeral process and details vary with each person and family. We are here to support families in their wishes and that of their loved one. We encourage family’s participation and involvement or we can look after all of the arrangements under the family’s instruction or on their behalf. The important thing is that the funeral is reflective of the person who has died and is memorable for those attending.

  • Burial

    - Modern cemeteries are called “lawn” cemeteries. The plot incorporates a concrete strip (berm) at the head of the grave on which the memorial is mounted, while the grave is covered with grass. New Zealand law requires burial in an official designated cemetery.

    - There may be an additional charge for opening an existing burial plot and ongoing maintenance in additional to the plot purchase fee. Charges and conditions vary with the councils or trusts who administer the cemeteries.

    - Most cemeteries will allow pre-payment for a plot, however the plot is allocated at the time of the first burial. You are then able to purchase the adjoining plot for family members.

  • Cremation

    - Under New Zealand law, the cremation of a deceased person is required to be in a Crematorium approved by the Ministry of Health. After cremation, the remains (ashes) can be scattered at a significant place, interred in an existing or a new plot at a cemetery or crematorium or remain in an urn/memorial keepsake.

    - A memorial can be erected on new plots or an additional inscription added to an existing memorial.

The funeral

  • Car parking

    - Off street parking is available. Access to our car park is from either Fox Street or Thames Street entrances.

    - We are able to provide car parks for your immediate family directly in front of our lounge or chapel

  • Caskets

    - We have a comprehensive selection of caskets to meet your personalised needs. Our casket display room gives you an indication of the options available.

    - Please speak to our staff if you require something special or unique.

  • Celebrants/Ministers/Clergy

    - Options are available depending on our loved one’s beliefs and wishes.

    - We have a wonderful selection of independent celebrants available to the people of Southland.

    - However, you may have a family member or close friend who is willing and confident in conducting the service. We have a wide range of resources to assist in selecting suitable poems, readings and music.

  • Chapel

    - The funeral can be held at our chapel which seats 200 people. We can accommodate larger services through the use of our lounge. The large screens are idea for showing slideshows and personalised DVDs. The chapel is equipped with professionally installed sound and recording system.

    - An organist is available to play our organ, this includes light background music prior to and after the service and also as to accompany the service.

  • Costs

    - The cost of a service depends on a variety of factors. The costs/fees are dependent and vary on the service and as requested by the family. Costs include disbursements paid on your behalf; death certificate, burial or cremation fees (these are set by the council or trust), coffin, newspaper notices, celebrant’s fee, organist/piper, hire of venue, production of service sheets/slideshow, recording of the service, flowers and catering.

    - We charge a professional fee along with charges for additional costs, including embalming and transportation.

    - The best advice we can give is to communicate with us. We are here to assist and can offer suggestions to best suit your financial situation while ensuring your loved one has a service reflective of their personality and life.

  • Embalming

    - This is a personal decision. It is our belief that embalming allows the deceased to remain in a presentable stage from the time of death until the time of the burial or cremation.

    - Embalming allows everyone connected with the funeral to spend time with the deceased without any unpleasantness or risk to their health.

    - We have a qualified embalmer on site.

  • Hearses

    - At Avenal Park Funeral Home, we have a fleet of hearses. The vehicles include an American Cadillac and Ford Falcons.

    - An option for families is to use an alternative mode of transportation more personal to their loved one. A suitable work truck or personal vehicle may make the occasion more special.

  • Reception/Lounge

    - Refreshments can be shared after the funeral service in our large reception lounge. A variety of options are available depending on your needs and wishes.

    - Alternatively, we can have catering delivered to another venue.

  • Recording a funeral service

    - Having a DVD recording of the service can be a great comfort to family including those who were unable to attend the service. It helps in remembering what was said by family, friends and colleagues. It can also be a memorial to your loved one.

    - We offer in-house recording of services or alternatively can arrange to have a professional recording of the service. Online viewing of a service is an increasing popular option.

  • Repatriation

    - When a death occurs overseas, we can arrange and coordinate transportation of a loved one back to New Zealand.

    - If your loved one dies in New Zealand, we can assist in returning them to their home country. This can range from transportation of the body to ensuring correct documentation accompanies your loved one’s ashes.

    - We are able to liaising with embassies, consulates, airline and government agencies on our behalf to ensure a dignified repatriation service is adhered to.

  • Service sheets and registers

    - Most services today are accompanied by a personalised service sheet. This sheet can include order of service, hymns, reflections, poems and photos reflecting the life of the deceased.

    - A register is a record of the attendees at the service as families may not catch up with everyone on the day.

  • Slideshows

    - You may like to provide us with a number of photo to incorporate into a slideshow to be played as part of the service. This is a wonderful way to recall a person’s life.

  • Viewing

    - Viewing rooms are available for you to visit your loved one and spend time with them. Viewing can take place at almost any time during business hours or by appointment after hours. We do ask for families and friends to contact us to arrange a time to view as not to conflict with other appointments.

    - Alternatively, families may wish to take their loved one home for the days leading up to the funeral service. Please discuss this with our funeral directors.

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