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Handcrafted monumentals with stone imported from India.

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  • Death is not easy. It is a life changing event. From making funeral arrangements to the consideration of a choosing a memorial stone to looking after yourself it is not going to be easy. We appreciate that you want to get it right and ensure you have a lasting memorial to your loved one. A memorial stone or plaque is an opportunity to create a fitting tribute. The planning of this tribute can be a therapeutic process. The completion of the work can incorporate an event to recognise your loved one along with it being a time to try and come to terms with your loss. Visiting the memorial stone or plaque at a cemetery can assist with the grief process. It is a tangible and recognisable focal point, a personal and fitting memorial, which gives an opportunity to allow healing and comfort.

  • How we can help

    Headstone and cremation plaques
    - We offer both options, depending on your needs. Each cemetery has its own regulations regarding height, size and construction material.

    Installation and permits
    - We travel throughout Southland and to some areas in Otago. We will ensure the work we undertake meets local authorities and trusts specifications.

    Layout and inscription
    - These are personalised depending on your requirements. We have a variety of fonts, lettering, headings and epitaphs to choose from. Your design is computerised and printed out for you to review and approve, prior to commencing the work.

    - There is a variety of granite (colour and shape), styles, bases and ornaments available to choose from. We can also offer other suggestions to meet your needs.

    - We can offer ideas or work with your design.

    - We are a local agency for Permanite – this is a colour fast, non-fading plaque. The plaque can be a full colour photographic image of your loved one. This will last for years and is virtually maintenance free. Plaques can be any shape up to 80cm (32”) square. The plaque can be mounted on to the granite headstone or other hard surface.

    - We can also order ceramic photos from our overseas supplier. These photos are of a high quality and are a popular way of personalising a memorial. A porcelain photo serves as a touching reminder of the life that was lost to all who visit the graveside of your loved one.

    Restorations or future additions/changes
    - As well as producing memorial stones for recently deceased, we offer a restoration service. When designing a memorial tribute, we can take into account any possible future additions to the tribute.

    - We have a showroom on our premises that gives you a visual idea on the options available.

  • Come and talk with us – we offer a free quote with no obligation.

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